Week #5

Hi folks,


Week #5 is upon us and boy do we need some rain. 

This week we have lots of delicious strawberries (Fresh) from Millen's Berries for sale and the price is down a bit more.  To compliment those berries Julie does make an amazing Sugar Biscuit and sells them 1/2 doz for $4.00 to help you make strawberry shortcake.  Also we have a great supply of our own ground pork which is on special this week for $4.00 /lb.  Also don't forget about our other specials on Maple Syrup as seen in your handout flyer in your bag last week.  Look for more specials in your bag.

One of our signature items on the farm is our Naturally raised pork fed non-gmo grain and our own veggies.  If you haven't tried it yet you are missing out.

Roasts, ribs, chops, steaks, bacon, ham steaks (regular and smoked).  If you are thinking BBQ think our pork you won't be disappointed!

Looking forward to another great week and hope you all enjoy.