Week #16

Hi folks,

Our summer is over and fall has hit us with a smash.  In the past 2 nights temperatures dipped down well below freezing here in our valley with that beautiful full moon and it was so cold that even our row covers failed to protect us.  So we lost all our remaining un-harvested pumpkins, squash, zucchinis, cucumbers, and literally hundreds of tomato plants that were heavily laden with fruit.  Our row covers are supposed to give us 4 degrees of protection so I am guessing it got pretty darn cold.  Sunday morning at 6am we had to scrap the windshield to go to market.  So in a nutshell you won't be seeing to many more cucumbers of squash, zucchinis in your baskets once we exhaust the hoop houses harvests. We still have a good mix of root crops and cold weather greens though so variety should still be very good for the next few weeks.

Hope you have a great week and Julie will see you at the regularly scheduled drop off locations, please be sure to get your add on orders in on time.

thank you,