Week #11

Hi folks,

Everything is on schedule for delivery this week.  We also have some 5lb boxes of blueberries $16.75  and strawberries $4.50 available from Millen's Berries for anyone interested quantities are limited however.  Just a reminder that Open Farm Day is Sunday September 20th this year and we will be holding our events here at the farm from 9am  - 5pm.  Over the next couple weeks we will post more details for you as well.

We have added a few new products under the Add ons section and in the coming couple weeks we will be adding several more new items that you can have added to your order including homemade, natural soaps, laundry detergent, shampoo and shaving bars all from the Soap Company of Nova Scotia.  These products are fantastic.

As always, any questions please call or email.