Week of Apr20th

Good afternoon everyone,

    Just a quick note to let folks know that this week we will be having a delivery to the Civic Centre parking lot at 5:25 - 5:40pm (1 hour earlier then normal) on Thursday..  Lisa will be doing this before her shift at work starts so if you are later than 5:40pm she will be gone.  We as always have lots of naturally raised pork and farm fresh eggs all raised 100% here on the farm, as well, we will have fresh Spinach, mustard greens, Tom Thumb head lettuce, Kale, Radishes and our Gourmet Lettuce Mixes available.  These delicious vegetables will give you an idea of the wonderful produce you will receive in your CSA baskets this year.   You also can order any of our other products as well and we will be happy to deliver.  If you are not sure if we have it, just ask.   Place your orders up to 3pm on Thursday and bring cash or cheque, you can also order and pay by email transfer in advance, ask us for a total price first. 


thanks and have a great week!