Week #9

Hi everyone,

Very exciting baskets this week because there is one of my favorite vegetables.   BEANS!  On the Harvesthand website under Blog there is an absolutely delicious recipe using beans and dried cranberries which were in last week's basket. Our family loves it and we recommend trying it. 

The weather has been extremely hot but we managed to get a few drops of rain last week and then a big deluge Saturday evening that helped ripen a few more vegetables and you will find a big shift in the types of produce available now.  This weather is great for some things, but it is also causing other things like our lettuce mix and spinach to bolt so you will see a lot less of that.

This week we are offering  10% off all our in stock Speerville Mills dried goods.  You can see our list at http://www.cochranefamilyfarm.com/our-retail-store.asp and click on view our price list.  This is a huge list of wonderful certified organic foods so be sure to check it out.


Hope you all have a wonderful week and be sure to get your orders placed with us in lots of time to ensure we bring your products.