Week #7

Here is our task this week and my crew of wwoofers (Willing workings on organic farms) who are all getting their first taste of haying.  We make our own hay to help feed our animals so that we can make sure that no fertilizers, bio solids, pesticides, etc go into the animals.  This week we will be harvesting a little over 2000 bales.  These are the same young people who are helping us pick the bugs off the plants, pull the weeds, plant more seed and transplants, feed and water the animals and harvest lots of veggies.  It is a first time experience that I know that they are all enjoying, albeit there are a few sore backs and tired muscles, but they are great fun to work with.  If you are ever out at the farm take the time to talk to them, they come from all over the world and are looking

Anyone wanting pork added to your order we will be having a large amount butchered this week so we will be fully stocked again by late Friday afternoon.  There will not be strawberries in the baskets this week but we are hoping to have them available as an add on, so be sure to go under add ons and select the number of boxes you would like if you want any.  

Hope you all have a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing you all and bringing you a big bunch of yummy veggies.


take care,

 The Cochrane Family and crew of happy helpers!