Week #6

Hello folks,

We are back on track with deliveries this week and they are a delightful basket.  We have a brand new exciting crisp, head lettuce

  from Hawaii called Anuenue.  We also have a great, easy recipe for Grilled Lettuce in Harvesthand under blog, page 2 that works great for this variety, I   highly reccomend it.






We also have Peas, one of the most sought after veggies we grow are finally ready and will be in the basket this week, and thankfully the rain has come and it won't take long for new potatoes and beans to be ready.   If you want strawberries this week you can send us a note or select them under add ons for $3.50 a box.

For anyone that has not tried our pork yet, give it a try and taste the difference between factory farmed pork and that which is raised slower, naturally, and unmedicated. You will be amazed.  We butcher ever 3 weeks and we offer individuals cuts such as 1lb of ground pork or bacon, or 2 packs of chops and steaks, or you can order 1 of our $50.00 or $100.00 pork boxes and save 10%. You can go into add-ons under the weekly list and place your order or call or email for special requests. 

Look forward to seeing you all this week.



The Cochrane Family,