Week #6

Hallelujah Rain!  WE have finally after 5 weeks received a decent rainfall and perhaps now our crops will start to flourish.  Even with the rain we are still running the newly installed drip irrigation as the ground was so dry that even that rain did not make the ground wet enough.  Here on the farm this week we have spent most of our time weeding and picking potato bugs, cucumber beetles, and slugs out of the gardens, the pressure from pests has been very high this year.  Now we are moving into a new phase of planting more seed and transplants for fall and winter crops. We are not including strawberries in the baskets this week but will be offering them under the add on section for anyone wanting to purchase some.  Hope you are enjoying your shares so far and are utilizing the HarvestHand software,  Every week we manage to update it a bit more.   Hope you all have a wonderful week and remember to get in touch if you have any problems  or you can use HarvestHand for add ons, making changes to the basket, vacation dates etc.