Week #5

Hi folks,

We are ready to go back at it, and hopefully this week break will get this crappy weather behind us once and for all. 

As you can see our greenhouses continue to shine even though the outdoor gardens struggle, although early on our potatoes, beans, and onions are growing very well so we look forward to later in the season for lots of those.







This week's CSA baskets will have some of the best berries in Nova Scotia coming from Millen's Berries in Great Village.  What we can offer to you as an add on is Julie's delicious sugar biscuits for anyone wanting to make an absolutely wonderful Strawberry Shortcake. The price is $3.75 for a 1/2 dozen.  Just go under add ons and select how many you would like. 

I want to remind and encourage everyone to always check your basket and make sure that you want everything in it and if not please look in the exchange basket and swap out, also, we have a great selection of pork products available this week, perfect for barbecuing.  Our ham steaks, pork chops and ribs fill this role nicely. 

Here was a new project we worked on this weekend to help give us more protection for certain crops, this high tunnel was built and planted with peppers on Friday and Saturday.

Looking forward to seeing you all this week at our regular pick up locations and times.



the Cochranes