Week #5

Hello folks,

       And the fun doesn't stop unseasonally cold weather in May and early June turned to stinking hot with no rain since then, throw in a hurricane to damage crops and structures and you will get a sense of the frustration farmers have been faced with this season.  Now due to the damages we suffered last Saturday and the subsequent loss of our market Structure our Saturday morning Markets will be moved into the store itself.  Due to the lack of water some of our crops like Peas and celery need another week or two.  But on the plus side we have 2 lovely young ladies here with us one from France and one from New Hampshire, both who are offering their assitance in exchange for knowledge in organic growing, and we also have been installing drip irrigation to all our lower gardens and should have them all completed by week's end.  Last year we spent piles of money putting in drainage and this year even more money out the door to do irrigation, go figure.  :)  This irrigation is very, very environmentally efficient,  The water drips out slowly and takes 9 hours to do 1 garden but the water goes directly to where it is needed with very little lost or evaporated.  We are hoping to see an immediate improvement using this.   Remember if you are going to be away you can log on to Harvesthand and under addons select the option for vacation and choose the number of weeks you will miss.   Same if you wish to have any items added on.    

Take care and have a great week!