Week #3

Hi folks,

Where is the Sunshine?  Where is the warm weather?  Why am I still wearing flannel long sleeved shirts and pants instead of shorts and tanktops?

Seriously we need some warm weather so think warm thoughts.   So this week's basket still has a lot of greens, can't be helped, on a bright note though most people do not have enough greens in their diet and you will.  One thing we are including this week which is unique is turnip greens and there are a number of reasons why.

What's Beneficial About Turnip Greens

To take advantage of turnip greens nutrition in recipes, try preparing and enjoying them the same way you would other leafy greens – like kale or spinach. Sauté turnip greens and add some garlic, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper to bring out their taste.

Now we are also including a little extra item in the baskets this week, Fresh Oregano!  There are many uses for Oregano and it is a delicious herb.

Add it to your dinner roll or biscuit dough before cooking, use on chicken, as a burger seasoning, with rice, baked beans and so much more.

It's health benefits;  It contains fibre, iron, manganese, vitamin E, Calcium, omega fatty acids, and typtophan (which is an essential nutrient in the diet of humans.)


Hope you enjoy this week's basket and remember think, Warm Thoughts!


take care,