Week #20 This is it!

Hi folks,

Deliveries this week are as scheduled and there will be a bit more choice in the baskets this last week so be sure to pick up your favorites.

Twenty weeks have come and gone. We are happy to have provided you and your family with fresh, local, naturally grown, chemical free vegetables during the past season.  As you know, we value knowing where our food comes from and how it is grown.  We enjoy sharing this passion with other like minded families.

All year long,our organic food store is open, Monday – Saturday.  We stock over 200  organic, natural, local food products, such as pork, vegetables, flours, dried beans, rice, cranberry products, maple syrup, nuts and seeds, other gluten free products, dried fruit, trail mixes, soaps, cleaning products, apple cider vinegar, fair trade chocolate, teas & coffees and more.

                                    Each member of our family appreciates the support you have given and comments you have shared.  We will be sending out a survey to all members a bit later on and we would ask that you take the couple of minutes to reply, your feedback is so important to our ability to continue to evolve our CSA model to meet the needs of our customers as best as reasonably possible.   Please feel free to stop into the store.


We hope to see you as a CSA member next year!



Julie, Garth, Kathleen, Brian, Lisa & Frank

Cochrane Family Farm

“Growing Families the Healthy Way”