Week # 10 Finally Certified Organic

Good morning folks,

Welcome to your first certified organic week of produce.  I apologize that the newsletter and list are so late coming out, we have been making hay the past two days and between trying to keep chores done, gardens looked after and get our hay put away the days have been full.  So if Julie looks a little rough around the edges during deliveries today it is because I have been working her and Garth extra hard this week.

  They have been making some changes to Harvesthand and the Vacation week update that several of you have had difficulties with we have figured out.  You must be giving more then 72 hours notice to use the Vacation week option if you are letting us know more then 24 hrs in advance but less then 72hrs then please just put it under notes. 

Finally, we have an abundance of pork chops and ham steaks and a decent supply of all other cuts so check your freezers and stock up so that you will always have something ready for the BBQ this summer.  Hope you all have a great week and enjoy the sun.