This week on the farm

Hi folks,

We wanted to touch base and let you all know that we know are harvesting beautiful Spinach and gourmet lettuce mixes out of the greenhouse.  Lisa will be doing a delivery to the Civic Center pickup location in Truro on Friday from 6:30 - 6:40pm for anyone wanting to get some, we can also bring in our regular items such as eggs, pork, dry goods, honey,etc.  If you are needing anything just send us an email or call by Friday 2pm.  We will also be bringing fresh greens to the Musquodoboit Harbour Farmer's Market this Sunday as well.

There is only 9 weeks until the first vegetable CSA delivery so if you haven't signed up yet and are planning to please don't wait too long as time gets shorter we put more emphasis on advertising for new members and signups are coming in so you can sign up through Harvesthand or by calling and you can pay at time of sign up or put in a downpayment of 25% and make up to 3 other payments spread out over 4 weeks if that helps. If signing up online please be sure to check the returning member box so you get your discounted price. 

If you check out our Facebook page we have several pictures and a short vide clip showing how wonderful it is inside the big greenhouse on these cold spring days.  Check it out!  

All the best and we look forward to providing you with your natural and nutritionally superior vegetables this year.



Frank Cochrane