No Deliveries this week July 13th - 19th

Hello everyone,

          Due to the fact that farming can be unpredictible at the best of times, we are postponing this week's share delivery.  This is a direct result of the poor weather 4 - 5 weeks ago that caused numerous crops to fail or get set back. How many is numerous you wonder?  Well for simplicity we lost about 40% and approximately 14 varieties of vegetables. We have since replanted, re-seeded, started new transplants, etc but they will take some time.  Other then the inconvenience of not having veggies this week, this does not affect your amount of shares you are entitled to. We will just be adding this skipped week into the mix at the end of the season.  We hope this does not cause anyone any inconvenience and believe me this is the last thing we want to do, but we prefer to postpone as opposed to giving you vegetable shares that are not up to the standards we have set for ourselves.  If anyone has any concerns or needs any more information please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will still have a delivery run to Truro this week for anyone needing pork, eggs, or other items from the store and we will still be at set up for both our farm market and the Musquodoboit Harbour Farmer's  Market this coming week. 

We will look forward to seeing  you all on your regular scheduled pickups the following week. 


The Cochrane Family