Newsletter Week #8

Hello everyone,

     It has been a busy week as always here at Cochrane Family Farm, for the past several days we have watched rain showers go over the hill but miss us completely, there has been less then 1/2" in the past 4 weeks.  Remember water is our most precious resource on this planet, and these droughts, mixed with society's incredible wasteful attitudes with water should be causing concern.  California is one of the top areas we import food from here in Canada and the lack of water situation there should be making headlines daily but we hardly hear a peep about it on National news.  Click for some scary photos and facts.  If that is not enough to cause concern, check out the conditions in Australia.  This is one of the reasons we have chosen drip irrigation, as I mentioned in a previous newsletter.  We also use nipple drinkers in most of our pig pens and pastures to reduce the amount of water the animals waste.

  We are still behind the curve on having cucumbers for a bit yet, but lots of great veggies in the baskets again this week.  We have had a large amount of pork butchered last week also with some wonderful large chops perfect for the BBQ, so now is a good time to stock up.  We are out of bacon until Sunday.   

Have a great week and any add ons, questions, or comments, please call, send through Harvest Hand, or email.

take care,